Tips on Home Dog Flea Treatment

As Dog owners flea infestation on our dogs can be a real menace that we should consider dealing with. The dog owners are even in denial that fleas have infested their pets. This is because these tiny insects may elude your eye and thus if you do not look apparently you may not know that your dog is infested by fleas. Fleas typically stay on your pest and feed off blood from them. If a female flea develops into an adult, it lays eggs and after sometimes the eggs fall off from your dog to your house or the surroundings. View how do i treat dog fleas? Therefore these eggs may be found in your carpet, bedding, furniture, and curtains. The eggs with further hatch into larvae which finds spots to hind until it has developed into an adult flea and this life cycle becomes a continuous process. An adult female flea can lay up to two thousand eggs in its entire life cycle. Fleas will, therefore, have a four-stage life cycle and it is essential for the owner to understands this so that you can kill them on different fronts. Visit  dog flea medication

Among the medication that will be available for your dog is the topical applications. These are available regarding shampoos to enable you to bath your dog. The shampoo will kill the adult flea within 24 hours, and the itching on your dog will be mitigated. You can combine this by use of a brush or a comb to comb through the dog's fur to eliminate eggs, larva, and pupa.Ensure you do this in an isolated uncovered area so as you can disinfect the area later to remove the flea that might fall into the floor. Secondly, you can follow up this buy purchasing a flea collar.The collar prevents the flea from climbing into the body of your dog and will work for up to six months. Oral medication in the form of vitamin B complex supplements is available to eliminate flea from your dog. You can also add garlic to your dog's food since the taste, and the smell is known to repel the insects.

There are natural methods of eliminating flea from your dog available for you. Fleas are attracted to warm moist areas and therefore you can sprinkle powdered laundry detergent on the carpeted area. Let it sit for sometimes and the vacuum clean then carpet to ensure it kills the eggs ad the larvae. It is advisable that you conduct this procedure when your kids and your dog are away. Visit